Funk & Soul Wednesdays – Marvin Gaye

MarvinGayeMarvin Gaye’s career spanned the entire history of rhythm and blues before he was shot by his own Father at the age of 45.  His legacy carries on, and him and his music will never be forgotten.  Marvin and his band played at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in 1980, and watching the performance of “Got to Give it Up” always make me smile.  Sandra Lee Akaka absolutely destroys it on the cowbell.  If this doesn’t move you, I suggest you check your pulse.


Adele – “Turning Tables” Live

Stumbled upon this amazing live version of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” What an amazing artist.

If you haven’t heard her most recent album, 21, you are missing out on one of the best of 2011!

Das Pop – “The Game”

Das Pop - The GameThis is Das Pop’s most recent offering, “The Game.” Hailing from Belgium, Das Pop blends tribal drums, a scattering guitar line, pianos, and electric guitar into a beautiful track that ends up sounding like a mixture of the The Strokes and Queen. The hook is absolutely awesome, it will stick with you.

This will be an album to check out! Get it on April 8th.

Electrelane – Reuniting for UK festivals

ElectrelaneThe British band Electrelane went on indefinite hiatus in 2007, but have recently announced they’ll be playing a few UK Festivals this Summer.  This allows me to dream that they’ll also release some new material!  Electrelane started in the late 90s, and were very influenced by Sonic Youth and The Velvet Underground.  They only made a handful of videos, so here is “To the East” off their fourth and last album No Shouts, No Calls.

Mitzi – All I Heard EP

Here we have an excellent EP from Australian foursome Mitzi. Mitzi blends modern rock pop with disco influences – something very popular in Australia right now, particularly Melbourne. The genre is being called “Nu Disco” and it’s one of the freshest sounds around.

Listen to the whole EP below via Soundcloud. Watch these guys, they are going places.

Mitzi – All I Heard (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band)
Mitzi – Morning Light (Radio Edit) by Mitzi (Band)
Mitzi – India (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band)

Everything Everything – “MY KZ UR BF”

Everything Everything throws aside the current conventional wisdom that if it’s indie and electronic, it also has to be 80’s revival. The UK- based band crafts highly intricate post-punk pop tunes with three part harmony and a properly modern sound. The lead single from their debut album “Man Alive” is below. Check it out!

Review: The Strokes – “Angles”


The Strokes are not what they used to be. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just a different thing. A different thing that I’m happily embracing.

Gone is the recorded-in-the-basement sound of their first two iconic albums, and in is a sound that relies more on slick production, synths and uptempo percussion, and a more calculated vocal effect on Julian. The album starts off strong with Machu Picchu and Under Cover of Darkness which both employ a sound more akin to what we’ve known them for.

At the third track, “Two Kinds of Happiness” we get the first glimpse of the new Strokes. The production is distinctly 80s with the vocals being a lot duller than the usual catchy verses. It’s a bit of a stumble that continues through to “You’re So Right,” which sounds like a cross between Muse and 311 – and not in a flattering way.

Luckily, the album picks back up and stays there. “Taken For A Fool?” gets back on track with classic Strokes style and sharp lyrics. “Games” delves back into the new sound and hits it right on the mark. Lyrics are overpowered at times, but that’s the way the production should be here. “Call Me Back” gives us a nice break, and then it’s on to Queen-inspired “Gratisfaction.” The sound here is uniquely The Strokes, and they really pull it off nicely. “Metabolism” is a fairly good song but does nothing to really stand out, with “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” finishing off the album on a more subdued note. This is probably the best constructed song on the album, with a great mellow sound and strong vocals.

Overall, this is a better album than their previous – but does not touch their first two efforts in hooks, lyrical content, or style. It’s certainly a solid album, but it’s not “Is This It.”

Enjoy opening song “Machu Picchu” below:


Sunday Feature: Toro Y Moi – “New Beat”

TORO-Y-MOI-UNDERNEATH-THE-PINEA perfect track for a Sunday like this. Toro Y Moi has arisen from the chillwave fray for being able to stay within the confines of the genre while still having it’s own unique style and throwback production. Single “New Beat” has a great danceable quality to it, which is unusal for chillwave and impressive for Chazwick Bundick, who operates under the moniker.

Of note, the entire album is very good. Check it out here.

Beth Ditto – EP

Beth Ditto - EPBeth Ditto (of Gossip fame) teamed up with Simian Mobile Disco to produce her absolutely fantastic solo EP. This is an EP for people who enjoy high class dance music. Well, she of course hopped on the Madonna gravy train and did an homage video. Wouldn’t have been my first choice on solo imagery but her look and angle is unique enough that I’ll let her pass this time.

Well done.


Icona Pop – Manners

Icona PopSome amazing new, weird, and fresh pop music coming from Swedish duo Icona Pop. Their single “Manners” is ridiculously catchy and should be a big hit in the Indie Pop sphere. No word on an LP, but I’ll keep you guys posted.



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