Sunday Feature: ALPINE: “Villages”

New Single: iamamiwhoami, “John”

More art piece than music (though the music is quite interesting, in a good way), iamamiwhoami continues to make statements with their music videos. Their point of view is often hard to grasp, and sometimes it’s not meant to be. The landscape scenes are tremendously beautiful in a utopian regard, and the design of the sets are interesting in a way that both compliments the music and also defies it as a different point of view altogether.

Knowing iamamiwhoami’s history helps to understand this point of view. Check out the following videos :one, two, three, to get a quick rundown of their more successful pieces. They sometimes exceed what would be normally termed as “highbrow” in New York Magazine, but to fault them for trying something different in a landscape of pop artists that seem like basic templates gone boring is to shortchange them the equally regarded “brilliant” title as well. Just give it a minute.

Fans of Bjork will appreciate it’s alternative take on sound, and unique danceability. It takes a few moments to get it, but the payoff once you do is well worth it.

Artist Profile: Brittany Bosco

Brittany Bosco is a great example of the power of collaboration, the dedication to hard work, and raw talent that is neccesary to be a huge star. Quickly building a following in Atlanta and beyond, Bosco has been in constant motion and evolution. One can hope that she makes it, as she possesses the voice and the edge to do so.

Grab her entire album, “Spectrum 2.0” for free here.

Kaiser Chiefs – “Little Shocks”

Strange Talk – Strange Talk EP

Australian foursome Strange Talk have debuted their highly-praised EP and it’s a really great songset. Lead single “Climbing The Walls” was well-recepted a few months ago, and the EP holds up to that level of polish. This is a band to watch. Fans of Cut Copy, The Presets, and Empire Of The Sun will enjoy the pop sensibility.


Funk & Soul Wednesdays – The Meters

the metersThe Meters were a New Orleans funk band that formed in the late 60s and played until 1979. They are considered major influencers of the funk sound even though they never achieved mainstream success. Art Neville was the frontman and went on to form The Neville Brothers with his three brothers after the break up. During the band’s time together, they were the house band for Allen Toussaint’s record label, Sansu, backed the New Orleans legend Dr. John and toured with the Rolling Stones. Here are their two biggest funk classics, “Look-Ka Py Py, Jungle Man” and “Cissy Strut”.

New: My Morning Jacket – “Holding On To Black Metal”

My Morning Jacket always seem to know exactly how to pull off amazing songs. Each one is incredibly inspired and different, in a way that is always refreshing and easy to listen to. As they head into their sixth album it’s easy to see the genius that has taken them this far, and hopefully farther in the years to come.

Below is the title track and lead single from their new album (“Circuital”).


R.I.P. Poly Styrene

poly styreneAlthough they only released two albums over 20 years, X-Ray Spex are Punk legends. Poly Styrene (born Marian Joan Elliott-Said) was the iconic frontwoman for the English act. Yesterday she lost her battle to breast cancer at the young age of 53. Her impact on feminism and the Riot grrrl scene will never be forgotten. Here is X-Ray Spex performing their biggest tune, “Oh Bondage, Up Yours” in 1977.

Funk & Soul Wednesdays – Barbara Lynn

barbaralynnThe Empress of Gulf Coast Soul, Miss Barbara Lynn, is a blues legend. This left-handed guitarist, singer and songwriter was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1942 and had her first hit single “You’ll Lose A Good Thing” in 1962. She has toured with Otis Redding, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, B.B. King and her song “Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)” was recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1965. After taking time off to raise her three children, she is back and playing shows again. I have had the privilege of seeing her three times, once with her Son, and she is awe-inspiring. Here is Barbara Lynn performing “What’d I Say” on The !!!! Beat Show in 1966.

New: The Raveonettes – “Raven In The Grave”

TheRaveonettesThe Raveonettes have just released their fifth studio album titled “Raven In The Grave” … and I’m enjoying it more and more with every listen. This duo formed in Copenhagen in 2001, and their music is a charming combination of vocal harmonies and electric guitars. Here is the video for the first single, “Recharge & Revolt”.



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