Florence and the Machine – “Shake It Out”

New single off of their upcoming album, Ceremonials. It’s Wonderful! Follow  Read More

Beirut – “Santa Fe”

Fresh from their new album, The Rip Tide, Beirut brings us a slice of indie-pop that is sure to brighten your summer. Listen to the whole album on NPR here. Follow  Read More

M83 – “Midnight City”

“Midnight City” is the first single off M83’s forthcoming album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming set for release on October 18, 2011. Download the single for free here. http://www.ilovem83.com/midnight-city Follow  Read More

Sneaky Sound System – “We Love”


Australia’s Sneaky Sound System is back with another album, and here is the lead single. The video is highly inappropriate – well, not really (you’ll understand once the lights come up). The group, in the past, has taken away many wins and nominations at ARIA for their dance music, so when their album drops on Modular in August we’ll let you know and see if it lives up to their amazing past: Follow  Read More

New Single: iamamiwhoami, “John”

More art piece than music (though the music is quite interesting, in a good way), iamamiwhoami continues to make statements with their music videos. Their point of view is often hard to grasp, and sometimes it’s not meant to be. The landscape scenes are tremendously beautiful in a utopian regard, and the design of the sets are interesting in a way that both compliments the music and also defies it as a different point of view altogether. Knowing iamamiwhoami’s history helps to understand this point of view. Check out the following videos :one, two, three, to get a quick rundown of their more successful pieces. They sometimes exceed what would be normally termed as “highbrow” in New York Magazine, but to fault them for trying something different in a landscape of pop artists that seem like basic templates gone boring is to shortchange them the equally regarded “brilliant” title as well. Just give it a minute. Fans of Bjork will appreciate it’s... Read More



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