The Morning Benders – Japan Echo EP

Brooklyn based band, The Morning Benders, have put together an EP for Japan disaster relief consisting of two new tracks and 6 remixes.  All proceeds from the EP go directly to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.  Below is a stream of the EP, and you can purchase and donate directly from their website, The Morning Benders – Japan Echo EP (日本・エコー) by themorningbenders Follow  Read More

Appropriately Named YACHT Single – “The Earth Is On Fire”

New music from DFA’s YACHT. In the vein of LCD and Juan MacLean (both on DFA) this single is disco-tinged and ready for the hippest of dance floors. DFA White Out Sessions – Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire) by ▲ YACHT ▲ from DFA Records on Vimeo. Follow  Read More

Friendly Fires – “Live Those Days Tonight”

Brand new Friendly Fires single from their new album entitled “Pala”, set to drop May 16. Follow  Read More

New: Fleet Foxes – “Battery Kinzie”

Check out a new song off of the Fleet Foxes’ new album coming out May 23. Follow  Read More

New: Cults – “You Know What I Mean”

Some fresh new Cults. These guys are shaping up to be a really great, unique new act.   Follow  Read More

Cults – “Go Outside”

A Beautiful song for a beautiful Saturday. Cults hail here from New York City, and will be releasing a full LP on May 30. This is pure indie pop goodness. Guaranteed to make you feel good!   BONUS: Here’s their bandcamp page to get the song for free.   Follow  Read More

Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”

Fleet Foxes has a way of crafting some of the most inspired folk music I’ve ever heard. The lyrics and melodies are always as sonically and literally rich as can be, and that level of songwriting is rarely found. Here is the most recent offering from Fleet Foxes. Their sophomore album is out May 23. Follow  Read More

Metronomy – “The Look”

The second single from UK-based Metronomy is out. It’s fantastic. Their new album, “The English Riviera” is out on April 11. Early buzz is that it is their most cohesive and unique effort to date – but Metronomy has always been known for being unique, so it’s good to see them sticking to their principles and not giving in to trends. Follow  Read More

Mitzi – All I Heard EP

Here we have an excellent EP from Australian foursome Mitzi. Mitzi blends modern rock pop with disco influences – something very popular in Australia right now, particularly Melbourne. The genre is being called “Nu Disco” and it’s one of the freshest sounds around. Listen to the whole EP below via Soundcloud. Watch these guys, they are going places. Mitzi – All I Heard (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band) Mitzi – Morning Light (Radio Edit) by Mitzi (Band) Mitzi – India (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band) Follow  Read More

Icona Pop – Manners

Some amazing new, weird, and fresh pop music coming from Swedish duo Icona Pop. Their single “Manners” is ridiculously catchy and should be a big hit in the Indie Pop sphere. No word on an LP, but I’ll keep you guys posted. Follow  Read More



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